Association of College & University
Housing Officers – International
South African Chapter

ACUHO-i SAC Constitution


Association of College and Housing Officers International South African Chapter (ACUHO-I SAC)
This constitution has been adopted mindful of ACUHO-I SAC’s relationship with ACUHO-I. The constitution of ACUHO-I SAC must be read and understood in the context of this relationship with ACUHO-I.  ACUHO-I will therefore be referred to as the Association in this constitution. 
Article I - Name
The name of this organization shall be the Association of College and University Housing Officers International Southern Africa and hereafter shall be referred to as the Chapter.
Article II - Principles and Purpose
The principles and purpose of the Chapter shall be in line with the constitution of the Association:
Section 1.
To encourage membership and participation in the Chapter and the Association without regard to any form of arbitrary discrimination.
Section 2.
 To contribute to the improvement and coordination of the various aspects of student housing, student residences and apartments, food services, developmental programming, administration, conference services, plant operations, maintenance and related programs at member institutions on an international scale.
Section 3.
To sponsor activities, services, and research which will aid members and provide a means of exchanging and distributing professional information and ideas.
Section 4.
To support and encourage the professional development of the Chapter and Association affiliates.
Section 5.
To ensure that the Chapter and the Associations programs, services, and related activities support the organization diverse membership.
Section 6.
To work actively as an organization or in collaboration with other organizations or individuals outside of ACUHO-I SAC to further the aims of the Chapter and the Association and its member institutions. The Chapter and the Association will serve in an advocacy role on behalf of the membership where appropriate.
Section 7.
To support, encourage, and contribute to the academic mission of member institutions.
Section 8.
To ensure that the Chapter and the Association are promoted and membership is encouraged on the whole of the African continent.
Article III - Membership
Section 1.
Voting membership in the Chapter shall be open to institutions of higher education which are in good standing with the Association and have housing officers involved in the coordination of administration, educational programming, and/or food service operations for students and staff members.
Section 2.
Institutional membership may be granted by the Executive Board of the Association after consultation with the Chapter in the case of governmental or non-profit organizations engaged in activities directly related to the purposes of the Association and Chapter in Southern Africa. Membership shall be by organization. 
Section 3.
In ACUHO-I SAC "member" and "membership" shall be used in concert with "institutional," i.e., "institutional member" and "institutional membership." Individuals are eligible for the benefits of affiliation with ACUHO-I SAC as follows:
a. Professional Affiliate - any individual employed at a member institution;
b. Associate Affiliate - any individual employed at an institution of higher education eligible for membership in the Association or who operates a private student residence at an institution eligible for membership in the Association;
c. Student Affiliate - any student at an institution of higher education eligible for membership in the Association;
d. Emeritus Affiliate - any individual who has retired from an institution of higher education eligible for membership in the Association, or who has retired from a private owned/managed student residence at an institution eligible for membership in the Association, and who has served actively in the Association for a period of not less than five years;
e. Sustaining Affiliate - any business entity having a commercial interest in the student housing profession. Representatives from sustaining affiliate businesses may neither vote nor be elected to office, but may serve on committees as appointed.
Any of the above affiliates’ members residing within Southern Africa may automatically be a member of ACUHO-I SAC.
 A "delegate" is any affiliate who attends an ACUHO-I SAC Annual Conference. The "voting delegate" is the professional affiliate or associate affiliate designated by the chief housing officer of a member institution to attend and vote at the ACUHO-I SAC business meeting.
Section 4.
There shall be no honorary memberships.
Section 5.
The membership year for the Chapter will be line with the Association as established by the Association Bylaws.
Section 6.
Student membership shall be open to any student at an institution of higher education eligible for membership in the Association.
Article IV - Dues
There shall be no fee charged for admission to the Association or the Chapter. Annual dues for institutional members and affiliates will be established by the Association Bylaws as applicable to the Chapter.
Southern African Institutions of Higher Education or Affiliates must pay their dues directly to ACUHO-I as per the subscription required annually.  
Article V - Annual or  Biennial  Conference
The Chapter shall hold a conference annually or biennially (once every two years) as determined from time to time by the executive committee.  Standing committees of the Chapter may hold a special focus conference or workshop annually, with the concurrence of the Executive Committee.
Article VI - Representation
Section 1.
Any institution of higher education or other organization eligible for membership shall be entitled to send one or more delegates to the Chapter conferences. Only housing officers of member institutions or organizations shall be eligible for election to office in the Chapter.
Section 2.
Each member college, university, or organization sending a delegate or delegates to the Chapter conference shall have one vote regardless of the number of delegates in attendance. Associate and student affiliates do not have a vote unless serving as the voting delegate of a member institution.
Section 3.
One copy of the Annual Report of the Chapter shall be handed out to each institutional member and associate affiliate at the Annual Conference or Biennial Conference. In the case where the conference takes place biennially,  the Executive Committee convenes a business meeting where the Annual Report will be submitted.
Article VII - Officers
Section 1.
The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, President Elect, Vice President, General Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Treasurer, Research & Development Officer, African Universities Affiliations Officer, Residential Education Officer and one representative of each ACUHO-I SAC Standing Committee .
Section 2.
All the office holders of the Chapter shall be elected by secret ballot in a way determined by the nominations and election committee. The election may take place electronically or be conducted at a business meeting convened for elections or immediately after the Annual or Biennial Conference at the Annual General Meeting. The term of office for all office holders will be two  years, provided they remain members in good standing at their own workplaces, the Chapter and the Association.
Section 3.
The Chapter Officers, i.e. the President, President Elect, Vice President, the General Secretary, the Treasurer, the Research & Development officer, African Universities Affiliation officer and the Residential Education Officer, shall have full responsibility for conducting the affairs of the Chapter in carrying out the directives of the Executive Committee and the execution of the mandate of its members.
Section 4.
a. In the event of a vacancy in the office of President, the President Elect shall progress to the presidency and an interim appointment to the office of President Elect  shall be made by the new President until the next election.
b. In the event of a vacancy in the office of the President Elect, the President shall make an interim appointment to the office of President Elect until the next election.
c. In the event of vacancies in the offices of Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Treasurer, and other vacancy of a chapter officer, the President shall make interim appointments until the next election. Terms of office for those elected to fill vacancies will coincide with the original term of office for that position.
d. In the event of a vacancy in the office of Standing Committee Representatives, interim appointments will be made by the President with advice from directly affected leaders from the Standing Committees, including but not limited to present and recent past Standing Committee Representative. Interim Standing Committee Representatives will be appointed until the next scheduled Standing Committee Representative election. Terms of office for those selected to fill vacancies will coincide with the original term of office for that position.
e. All interim appointments shall be with the concurrence of the 50+1 of the Chapter Officers.
Section 5.
Nominations for election of officers of the Executive Committee shall be made by the Nominating and Elections Committee appointed by the President Elect.
Section 6.
The Standing Committees of the Chapter are the Standing Committees for (1) Food Services, (2) Construction, Design and Maintenance Services, (3) Residence Operations and Administration Services, (4) Student Housing Finances and Budget Services, (5) Residence Life and Student Success services and (6) Staff Development Services.
A Standing Committee consists of the individuals employed at an institutional member in good standing and active in Student Housing in the area of interest for the Standing Committee.
Standing Committee Representatives shall be nominated and elected by their respective Standing Committees. In such an election each institution represented in the Standing Committee and in good standing shall have one vote. The member who votes on behalf of the institution shall be so designated by the chief housing officer of the institutional member.
(Until a Standing Committee is established with the Chapter (constituted with a sub-constitution approved by the Chapter Officers), the Chapter Officers will appoint the respective Standing Committee Representative on the Executive Committee. The Standing Committee Representative will be tasked to establish the Standing Committee.)
Section 7.
In addition to the Nominating and Elections Committee, the President may, with the concurrence of the Executive Committee, appoint such additional ad hoc and/or standing committees as the President feels necessary. Such additional standing committees or ad hoc committees will not have representation on the executive committee.
Article VIII - Conduct of Business
Section 1.
The Chapter shall conduct a business meeting annually. When an annual or biennial conference takes place, the business meeting will coincide with the conference.  Member institution delegates in attendance will be recorded and total representation announced at the business meeting. The announced representation will constitute a quorum. The Executive Committee will meet at least once a year during their term of office other than at the business meeting.
Section 2.
Any matters which the President or the Executive Committee may wish to refer to the membership at times when the Annual Conference is not in session may be submitted to the membership by correspondence.
Section 3.
Results of the election of officers and Standing Committee  Representatives to serve on the Executive Committee will be announced no later than at the annual business meeting of the new term of office.
Section 4.
The Chapter shall establish a Central Office for the purpose of providing clerical, publication, membership and financial records support, guidance, and assistance to the Chapter officers and programs. The Central Office will also serve as the link and network base with other organizations with similar interests and the Association. The selection of the location and specific functions to be performed by the Central Office will be determined by the ACUHO-I SAC Executive Committee.
Article IX - Control of Funds
Section 1.
The Treasurer shall be authorized by the Executive Committee to open and maintain accounts in the name of the Chapter. A policy regarding the investment of Chapter funds, approved by the Executive Committee, shall always be in place. A Finance Committee of the Executive Committee, appointed by the business meeting, shall assist the Treasurer in recommending to the Executive Committee financial policies and procedures which support the goals and objectives of the Chapter.
Section 2.
The Treasurer shall be responsible for reviewing the receipts and disbursements of all the Chapter funds and shall render a financial statement to the Association annually at the business meeting. Periodic audits may be done at the request of the Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall authorize the disbursement of funds and maintain accounts for the purpose of implementing the general objectives of the Chapter and the Central Office.
Section 3.
The Chapter funds shall be used to defray the normal operating expenses of the Chapter, including Central Office, Executive Committee expenses, publications, conferences, and workshops. Other uses of such funds shall be made only in those cases where such expenditures clearly implement the general objectives of the Chapter and only with the approval of the Executive Committee of the Chapter.
Article X - Amendments
Section 1.
The Constitution and/or Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of voting delegates in attendance at the business meeting at the Annual or Biennial  Conference or a business meeting convened by the President for the purpose of considering amendments to the constitution.  Only one vote shall be recorded from each member institution or organization represented at the business meeting at the Annual Conference.
Section 2.
Bylaws may be amended by a minimum two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee.
Section 3.
Amendments to the Constitution may be proposed by any member of the Chapter. Such proposals by a member shall be made in writing, endorsed by at least three other member institutions or organizations of the Chapter, and submitted to the President of the Chapter at least ten days prior to the business meeting at the Annual Conference for presentation to the membership.
Section 4.
Amendments to the Constitution may be proposed by the Executive Committee. Such proposals shall be submitted either to the members in attendance at the business meeting at the Annual Conference or to the total membership by mail ballots.
Article XI - Dissolution and Prohibited Activities
Section 1.
On the dissolution of the Chapter, the Executive Committee, after paying or making provision for the payments of all the liabilities of the Chapter, shall dispose of all its assets exclusively for charitable, educational, or scientific purposes.
Section 2.
No part of the net earnings of the Chapter shall inure to the benefit of or be distributable to its members, officers, or other private persons except that the Chapter shall be authorized and empowered to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth in Article I hereof.
Section 3.
The Chapter shall not participate in or intervene in (including the publishing or distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public service. This policy does not prohibit any member of the Association acting as an individual from supporting a political campaign through any available legal means.
1. Definition of Housing Officer
A housing officer is any staff or faculty member of a college, university, or member organization whose primary duties relate to college and/or university housing. Regardless of the particular title, the officer must have responsibilities for housing operations such as administration, educational programming, food services, plant operations, maintenance and/or related programs. The housing officer must be employed by an institution eligible for membership in the Association and the Chapter.
2. Duties of Officers
Section 1
The President shall preside over all meetings of the Chapter and shall fulfill all duties which may hereinafter be delegated to that office.
  • Appoint ad hoc committee after consultation with the Executive Committee.
  • Delegate tasks to the Executive Committee or any other member of ACUHO-I SAC which require specialized skills to perform such tasks after consulting the Executive Committee.
  • Represent ACUHO-I SAC on ACUHO-I matters as per clause 11 of the agreement between ACUHO-I & ACUHO-I SAC.
  • Sign approved minutes and all other legal documentation relating to the Chapter.
  • Signatory to the ACUHO-I SAC bank account.
  • Represent ACUHO-I SAC at official functions where the presence of the Chapter is required.
  • The President will present an annual report at the Annual Conference to inform members of developments within the Chapter.

Section 2

President Elect

  • Serves as the President Elect and assumes the duty of the President in the latter’s absence.
  • Works closely with the Secretary General on constitutional matters.
  • Promotes and builds relations with organizations with similar objects and vision as ACUHO-I SAC nationally and internationally.
  • Assists the Research and Development Officer on matters pertaining to ACUHO-I SAC.
  • With the concurrence of the Executive Committee, appoints those committees which are necessary for the proper functioning of the Chapter.
Section 3
Vice President
  • Serves as the Vice President and provides support to the President and the President Elect.
  • Works closely with the Secretary General in terms of Special Projects and liaising with the governmental, non-governmental and other stakeholders.
  • Liaise with SADC and other regional bodies such as HESA, SARUA, AAU for the strategic role of ACUHO-I in Africa.
  • Works closely with the Treasurer in terms of the long-term financial sustainability and strategic growth of the organization.
Section 4
The General Secretary  shall:
  • Be the official correspondent for the Chapter and carry on the required official correspondence and record-keeping of the Chapter as necessary;
  • Record, transcribe, and distribute the minutes of the Annual Conference and business meetings of the Chapter and other relevant information in conformity with the stipulations of the Constitution;
  • Work closely with President Elect on constitutional matters and with Research and Development Officer on matters regarding membership matters.  
Section 5
Deputy Secretary
The Deputy Secretary shall:
  • Act as Deputy to the Secretary General mainly with the internal administration of the organization and the central office administration;
  •  Provide on-site supervision of central office staff and ensure the smooth running of the central office with regard to furniture, equipment and information technology needs;
  • Ensures filing and recording of organizational documents and record keeping of assets and other core administrative and financial records in liaison with the Secretary General and the Treasurer;
  • Have responsibility for the quality and production of all Chapter publications, the development of a consistent editorial style for Chapter publications, and the distribution of Chapter publications.
Section 6
The Treasurer shall:
  • Act as the custodian of all funds and disbursements, making the required financial reports at the Annual Conferences;
  • Draft a budget for the Executive Committees operations and activities to be approved by the Executive Committee;
  • Liaise with the region or the institution that is hosting the conference to ensure proper financial control;
  • Authorize all banking transactions in conjunction with the President. 
Section 7
The Research & Development Officer shall:
  • Ensure that programming, development and learning opportunities occur for the membership of the Chapter;
  • Work closely with the General Secretary and the Vice President on membership matters;
  • Assume responsibility for all projects regarding the branding of ACUHO-I SAC;
  •  Liaise with the region or the institution that would be hosting the Annual Conference to ensure coherence.  
Section 8
The Standing Committee representative  shall:
  • Maintain contact with the membership on matters pertaining to the Standing Committee they represent;
  • Accept delegated and liaison responsibilities as assigned by the President or the Executive Committee;
  • Ensure that the principles and purpose of the Chapter are adhered to by members;
  • Facilitate meetings, workshops and conferences with regard to the interests represented by the Standing Committee. 
Section 9
Residence Education Officer
  • Provides leadership, support, and coordination to Association activities/work groups as these relate to residence education.
  •  Provides expertise in the areas of: academic initiatives, active application of current theory and knowledge, student learning, diversity, individual communities and student development.
  • Serves as the Executive Board liaison for assigned work groups; prepares reports on these activities and distributes them to the Executive Committee prior to each meeting.
Section 10
African Universities Affiliation Officer
  • Provides experience regarding college and university housing operations and systems on the continent. 
  • Serves as the liaison with universities in Africa to share knowledge and grow the influence of ACUHO‐I, ACUHO-I SAC and its members.
  • Serves as ACUHO‐I SAC’s ambassador to student housing professionals in Africa to promote relationships between student housing professionals in different countries.
  • Encourages student housing professionals around Africa to develop and share knowledge in a variety of formats such as publications, presentations, webinars, videos, social networks, and the like.
Term of Office Bearers
All members of the Executive Committee will serve a two-year term of office. The President (Elect) serves two terms. The first term of two years as the President Elect and the second term as President for two  years after the official term of the President has been concluded.  
Elections - Officers
Section 1
A Nominating and Elections Committee shall be appointed by the President Elect with the concurrence of the Executive Committee.
Section 2
It shall be the duty of the Nominating and Elections Committee to supervise the process and procedure of elections as per the constitution for the election of  President Elect, Vice President, General Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Research & Development Officer, Treasurer, African Universities Affiliation Officer and Residential Education Officer of the Chapter. Elections will be conducted by secret ballot as arranged by the elections Committee. An authorized representative from a member institution may, by way of a verifiable means authorized by the chief housing officer, cast the institution vote.
Section 3
The results of the elections of officers to serve on the Executive Committee will be announced no later than at the conclusion of the annual business meeting.
Section 4
To be elected, a candidate must receive a majority of votes cast for the position. In the event there are three or more candidates running for a given position and no candidate receives a majority, then the top two candidates would compete in a run-off election.
Section 5
Candidates and Chapter members may not spend institution funds for the promotion of a candidate for an elected position on the ACUHO-I Executive Committee. Telephone calls or letters, made at an individual’s expense, are acceptable.
Elections – Standing Committee  Representatives
Section 1
The election of the Standing Committee  Representative will be conducted by the General Secretary or the Deputy Secretary.
The election will take place prior to the Annual General Meeting in an election year as determined by the General Secretary.
Section 2
Each member institution within the Standing Committee is allowed to cast one vote. An authorized representative from the chief housing officer at a member institution may, by way of a verifiable communication, cast the institution vote.
Section 3
The results of Standing Committee  elections will be announced at the same time as election results for other Executive Committee positions are announced.   
Other Standing Committees:
The President Elect shall, with the concurrence of the Executive Committee, appoint those other committees which are necessary for the proper functioning of the Chapter. 
Annual Dues
a) Annual dues for institutional and affiliate membership in the Association shall be automatically adjusted annually using the most current Higher Education Price Index (HEPI). The adjustment will go into effect unless the Executive Board votes at their earliest meeting in the year not to make the adjustment. Other adjustments to the affiliate membership dues structure may be approved by a minimum three-quarters vote of the Executive Board. Other adjustments to the dues structure may be recommended by the Executive Board subject to ratification by a majority of those voting delegates present at the business meeting or by a majority of the votes cast in a mail or electronic ballot.
b) An annual sum of the dues from members of ACUHO-I SAC paid to ACUHO-I will be paid to the Chapter for sustaining activities as per the annual budget submitted by ACUHO-I SAC.
Special Projects  
Any special project to be undertaken by member institutions of the Chapter or delegates of such institutions shall first be ratified by a majority Executive Committee.
Eligibility for Conference Registration
a. A registrant must be a housing officer as defined in Bylaw Number 1, or
b. A registrant may be a local representative of a private housing or food service organization who receives a written invitation from a member institution whose students the private organization serves. Such registrants shall pay the non-member registration fee.
c. Affiliate members shall pay the appropriate member registration fee.
Membership Year
a. The membership year for sustaining affiliate members shall be January 1 – December 31.

b. The membership year for all institutional and affiliate members, except sustaining affiliate members, shall be September 1 – August 31.

ACUHO-I is committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity in all its
policies, practices, and opportunities afforded to members and staff.