Association of College & University
Housing Officers – International
South African Chapter

More About ACUHO-I

Why ACUHO-I started?

ACUHO-I has a fully established Head Office in the USA where approximately 954 Colleges and Universities in more than 20 countries, 6400 professionals are members. It has affiliated Associations in Europe, Australia, New

Zealand and the Far East and offers access to a wide variety of online resources and information that will help your campus housing drive.

ACUHO-I drives several Publications and their website: ACUHO-I established a formal (first ever) Chapter in Africa.

Acknowledgement must go to ACUHO-I’s Board of Directors and Foundation for amazing support during our journey of establishment and growth of ACUHO-I SAC (Association of College and University Housing Officials– International, Southern African Chapter)

What ACUHO-I and ACUHO-I SAC stand for?

During 2006-2007, ACUHO-I SAC established 5 regional committees and registered 18 membership institutions including 1 000 Professionals, 3 000 House/Residence Committees and 110 000 Residence students.

The Challenge we faced was that many students choose to live in University residences and regrettably, not all who apply can be accommodated.

Universities need to increase its residence capacity dramatically. This requires alternative models of funding and accredited public-private partnerships.

All residences have to commit themselves to developing a culture of learning based on their Institutions’ core values.

In 2008 the Constitution of ACUHO-I SAC was adopted and in 2009 the first Executive Committee was elected

Mission statement:

  • Multi-prong connected approach through diverse collaboration, forming strategic partnerships and member mobilisation.
  • Recreate a unified team where diversity is valued and celebrated through integrated social cohesion.
  • To transform campus culture through diversity of students living together in residence.
  • To provide an increased number of residence beds so as to increase the number of students that is exposed to diversity by living together.
  • To develop the staff involved in student housing through shared learning opportunities.
  • Establishment of a value-driven culture.
  • ACUHO-I-SAC recognises and compiles a database (manuals) of all best (business) practices in student housing by providing shared learning opportunities.
  • Move the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) to fund student housing extensively.
  • Developing leadership role models for our communities and demonstrate the value of living and learning through global citizenship.

ACUHO-I is committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity in all its
policies, practices, and opportunities afforded to members and staff.