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Southern African Federation for Student Affairs and Services in Higher Education (SAFSAS)

The Southern African Federation for Student Affairs and Services (SAFSAS) was established on 25 October 2012 in Mangaung, Bloemfontein. The formation of this body was initiated by the Department of Higher Education and Training in September 2007, "to explore the feasibility of a single Higher Education Student Services Practitioner’s body and the establishment of a common understanding on quality student development and support."


The launch of SAFSAS in Mangaung in 2012 is a historic event for Student Affairs and Services Associations and its practitioners. SAFSAS hopes to strengthen collaboration between stakeholders within the Higher and Further Education and Training sector, so as to enhance our contribution towards student support, development and success.


As professionals responsible for the administration and provision of Student Affairs and Services, focussing primarily on co-curricular activities within institutions of higher learning, we are committed to identify with practices that will move our professions forward. We believe in serving students holistically, so that they become well-rounded and thoroughly-grounded graduates and responsible citizens.


We are committed to the principles of good governance, service delivery and leadership in student affairs and services, including:

  • Engagement of students in active learning.
  • Helping students to develop coherent values and ethical standards.
  • Setting and communicating high expectations for student learning.
  • Using systematic inquiry to improve student and institutional performance.
  • Using resources effectively to achieve institutional missions and goals.
  • Forging educational partnerships that advance student learning.
  • Building supportive and inclusive communities.



SAFSAS draws on the mandate and the diversity of its affiliates to become a leading voice for student affairs and services in Southern Africa, with commitment to the holistic education of students while integrating student life and learning communities.



To provide professional development of both the staff and students and increase research for student affairs and services departments within the Higher Education and FET sector of Southern Africa.


Core Values

SAFSAS in its entirety shall uphold, subscribe to, and live by, the following values and principles:

  • Diversity
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Ethical and reflective student affairs practices
  • Evidence-based policy positions
  • Professionalism
  • Freedom of expression with civility and self-discipline
  • On-going assessment of learning and professional performance (students' and our own)
  • Commitment towards service excellence pertaining to all our affiliates
  • Student responsibility and education for effective citizenship
  • Supporting and meeting the needs of students as individuals and in groups
  • Integrity
  • Democracy and application of democratic principles
  • Student-centeredness; and
  • Solidarity with the poor

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