Njabulo Maphumulo

Residence Education Officer: Office for Student Leadership Support at the University of the Western Cape
Njabulo Maphumulo’s experience rounds off to over ten years of serving in various governance and leadership structures within the Higher Education Sector. His passion for leadership development has made him to progress in many leadership portfolios within the South African Higher Education landscape and international community. Njabulo Maphumulo holds Higher Certificate in Economic Development (Cum Laude)(UWC), Certificate in Democracy & Citizenship (Stellenbosch University), Post Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship (Mashuari), Advanced Diploma in Public Administration (UWC), Baccalaureus of Public Administration Honours (UWC) and Master of Public Administration Candidate (UWC). His research interests are Public Policy, Global Governance & Economic Development. Njabulo’s recent academic work focused on Student Funding in South Africa in particular the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. He is also an author and researcher for ‘Citizen View Point’ Media that publish citizen’s occasional articles online.

He is currently responsible for the Office for Student Leadership Support at the University of the Western Cape, responsible for student leaders’ support and development in the residences. He previously served in the portfolio of Administration, Procurement, Marketing and Events at the Residential Services, ResLife Office. Njabulo serves in various boards which include; Board Executive for Association of Colleges and Universities Housing Officers International- Southern African Chapter, Board Trustee of University of the Western Cape Provident Fund, Board Executive Chairperson and Founder of Ten Million Trees Foundation South Africa, Board Executive for Association for College and University Student Communities, Board Executive Chair for Emmanuel Wiseman & Associates Leadership Agency. He serves in the founder’s board for Association for Public Administration and Management Profession International in South Africa. Njabulo served as the Convener for the Green Campuses Conference in 2015 to 2017 organized by the University of the Western Cape and ACUHO-I-SAC.

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